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Jul 21, 2020

Review: Night Vision (Indigo Court #4) by Yasmine Galenorn


Destined to become the Fae Queens of Winter and Summer, Wind Witch Cicely and her cousin, Rhiannon, are eager to assume their roles and marry the loves of their lives. But while Myst hides in the shadows, seeking to regroup her forces, another danger is lurking closer. Renegade vampires Geoffrey and Leo manage to free the Blood Oracle and set him upon New Forest, Washington. Not satisfied with wreaking havoc on the town, Leo ups the ante by kidnapping Rhiannon. Now, Cicely must lead her forces in a bloody battle to save her cousin before everything they’ve worked for crumbles to dust.

My Review:

The Blood Oracle has been set loose upon New Forest, Washington and Rhiannon has been kidnapped and Cicely must lead her forces in a bloody battle to save her cousin before everything they have worked for crumbles to dust in this captivating urban fantasy.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers on the edge with lots of suspense, action, and drama. The well written scenes inspire vivid images and capture the imagination and the well orchestrated suspense and drama draw the reader deeper into the story.  The action scenes are exciting and believable making it easy to get caught up in all the thrilling situations that Cicely and her forces must face in order to save Rhiannon and the characters are strong and enticing ensuring that the reader wants to know everything that is going on.

The story is non-stop action and drama that keeps things exciting and seemingly never ending for Cicely, especially when her and Rhiannon thought their destinies were getting closer to their grasp, they thought they could rest a little while Myst was hiding in her shadows of course they realize she is regrouping but was too much to ask for just a small break.  No…the renegade vampires Leo and Geoffrey just had to stir things up by setting none other than the Blood Oracle loose on New Forest to cause lots of havoc and of course Leo taking Rhiannon is just the icing on the cake for Cicely.  Maybe one day she’ll be able to the Queen of Winter and settle down with Grievem and Rhiannon, the Queen of Summer will be able to have her happily ever after with Chatter.

Once again Yasmine Galenorn makes a story that is fascinating, thrilling and exciting with surprising twists and bewitching characters including the chilling villains.  I was completely caught up in the story from the very beginning and couldn’t put it down until I found out how Cicely and Rhiannon fared against these enemies.  Note: I highly recommend that the series be read in order to get the full impact of the characters and the situation surrounding them.


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Berkley, July 2 2013, 297 pages, print & ebook



Eons ago, vampires tried to turn the dark Fae in order to harness their magic, only to create a demonic enemy more powerful than they could have imagined. Now, even with Myst, the Queen of the Indigo Court, temporarily out of action, the new Queens of the Golden Wood find themselves facing incredible danger...

About Yasmine Galenorn

Hi, I'm New York Times, USA TODAY, and Publisher's Weekly bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn.  In April 2012, I won a Career Achievement Award in Urban Fantasy at the Romantic Times Convention.

I write two urban fantasy series, the Otherworld Series, (aka Sisters of the Moon Series), and Indigo Court Series for Berkley. I will soon be writing a spin-off series in the Otherworld altaverse called the Fly By Night Series.

In the past, I've also written a paranormal mystery series (the Chintz 'n China Series) for Berkley Prime Crime, a short-lived mystery series (the Bath & Body Series) under the name of India Ink, again for Berkley Prime Crime, and eight metaphysical nonfiction books (Llewellyn Publications and Crossing Press).

I'm represented by Meredith Bernstein of the Meredith Bernstein Literary Agency--I adore my agent and am thrilled to have her on my side.

And yes, I'm a shamanic witch and am considered an elder in the Pagan community, having been in the Craft since February 29th (yes, leap year day), 1980.  I walk an eclectic path and consider my life to be a blend of teacups and tattoos--the former in my china closet, the latter on my skin--I'm heavily inked.  While I do run a small coven, I no longer teach magical workshops nor do I accept students or offer personal magical advice. However, you can find information my coven chooses to offer on this website.  I collect teacups, teapots, Old Country Roses china (Royal Albert), antlers and skulls (of the non-human variety), daggers and crystals.  And of course, my bookshelves are overflowing with books.  I cannot walk out of a bookstore without buying at least one book.  My TBR pile is huge!

I'm a theatre major, a 1983 graduate of the Evergreen State College (Olympia WA).  I started college when I was fifteen, skipping high school.  I took extra time to finish because of money considerations and a hiatus when I was 17, to hitchhike to California where I lived with one of my sisters for a brief time.

On Beltane, 1993 (May 1st) I married Samwise and we're still very happily married. We are the parents of one senior kitty and three young cats. Three of our senior gurlz went over the Bridge a few years ago and we still miss them terribly. We reside in the Seattle WA area.

Because so many people ask, you pronounce my first name this way: Yaz-mihn (NOT Jasmine--it's a "Y", not a "J") and our last name is pronounced: Gal-eh-norn. The accent is on the first syllable. Interesting trivia: Samwise and I created our last name together after we got married. At first, he took my last name, but I decided I didn't want to be stuck with my stepfather's last name forever.  So we decided to construct a name that would be ours alone and that would mean something to us.  We created our last name out of the Elvish in LOTR. Galenorn means Green Tree in Elvish, went to court, and legalized it. And yes, Samwise is his *real* name.

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