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"Alice Blue for AMERICA’S PRINCESS http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/04/blue.html Alice Roosevelt Longworth exciting life but tragic"
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"I just didn't get it: GINGERBREAD by Helen Oyeymi, but I enjoyed the book anyway http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/04/gingerbread.html"
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"Sophia Rose is reviewing today:Dirty Deeds in a Dark Age Village: LOST INNOCENTS http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/04/lost.html"
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"SUCH GOOD WORK: Volunteering Neurotically http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/04/good_work.html Can the imperfect help others?"
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"PRISONER OF THE NIGHT http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/04/bdb.html Without the actually BDB, is BDB-world as appealing?"
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"Crazy In-laws and Exes with GIMME SOME SUGAR. Sweet/steamy times in Lake Sackett http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/04/gimme.html … M"
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"Science, not Violence: LIFE ON THE LEASH http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/04/leash.html the more she knows guys = more loves she dogs"
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"Let Them Talk: WHEN WE LEFT CUBA http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/03/left-cuba.html Revenge and dreams of freedom in back in Cuba."
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"FIELD NOTES ON LOVE: Sneaky Clean Charm http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/03/notes.html This train trip is never a train wreck!"
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"RAFE: Let’s Hear it For Male Nannies! http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/03/rafe.html Looking for the perfect nanny?"
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"THE MATCHMAKER'S LIST: Does Grandmother Know Best? http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/03/list.html A Canadian woman is urged to marry."
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"THE WAY TO THE STARS: The Heroine’s Quest http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/03/way.html Meet a young Ens.Tilly & prepare 2 be charmed"
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"Sophia Rose looks at Heyer’s A BLUNT INSTRUMENT http://fangswandsandfairydust.com/2019/03/blunt.html If everyone's lying, who's the killer?"
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sherry fundin posted a blog post
Mar 14

New Release Review! Passion & Ink (Sweet Taboo #2) Naima Simone!

Hello, Readers! Today, I am sharing Naima Simone's new release - the second book in the Sweet Taboo series - Passion and Ink! Enjoy and don't forget to add Passion & Ink to your shelves!


Blackballed from my job.

Moved back to my hometown with my tail between my legs and family issues crushing my back.

Slinging drinks in a dive bar.

Yes, the past year has been hell. So when a man who’s temptation wrapped in golden skin and sin offers me one night of no-holds barred, dirty sex, I’m all in. I deserve it.

But now those few unforgettable hours have me facing blackmail from my own father: He'll pay for my mom's medical bills, but only if I never again touch the man who has quickly become my obsession.

Because the man? My obsession?

He’s my stepbrother.


This romance is a gripping tale of one young woman’s life struggle and the temptation presented her by the man wrapped in golden skin and sin who turns out to be her stepbrother. Jude and Cypress have some seriously electrical chemistry going on throughout this romance as they struggle against a whole host of taboo and emotional issues. These strong, compelling characters are full of life and readers find themselves wanting to be a part of their story as they overcome adversity and reach for their happily ever after with a sinfully delicious relationship full of passion.

The story is fast paced and the suspense builds throughout as Cypress and Jude struggle with the obstacles that life keeps throwing their way and a family issues that include blackmail. Jude may be Cypress’s obsession but he has her wanting to sin in all kinds of ways in this red hot and passionate romance that has readers unable to put this story and has them wanting some of that deliciousness as well. The author has brought a difficult but real situation to life that is steamy, gritty and extremely satisfying.


Author's Book Page - http://naimasimone.com/books/passion_and_ink/

Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43602151-passion-and-ink

BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/books/passion-and-ink-by-naima-simone

Riffle - https://www.rifflebooks.com/books/1038076

Romance.io - https://www.romance.io/books/5c69092801dbc864fb9a3b2e/passion-and-i...

GBooks - https://books.google.com/books?id=bP2EDwAAQBAJ&dq=naima+simone+...

BookLikes - http://booklikes.com/passion-ink-naima-simone/book,13997532


Passion & Ink is the 2nd book in the Sweet Taboo series

Entangled - https://entangledpublishing.com/author/naima-simone

1 Sin & Ink
2 Passion & Ink


AVAILABLE in ebook

Entangled - https://entangledpublishing.com/passion-and-ink.html

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2RkaatT
B&N: https://bit.ly/2RUlkuO
Kobo: https://bit.ly/2TkOJL4
Itunes: https://apple.co/2Gc39d1
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2RiveBb
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2RX59N6
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2sRdjYp


USA Today Bestselling author Naima Simone’s love of romance was first stirred by Johanna Lindsey, Sandra Brown and Linda Howard many years ago. Well not that many. She is only eighteen…ish. Though her first attempt at a romance novel starring Ralph Tresvant from New Edition never saw the light of day, her love of romance, reading and writing has endured. Published since 2009, she spends her days—and nights— writing sizzling romances with a touch of humor and snark.

She is wife to Superman, or his non-Kryptonian, less bullet proof equivalent, and mother to the most awesome kids ever. They all live in perfect, sometimes domestically-challenged bliss in the southern United States.

Website - http://www.naimasimone.com/

Twitter - http://twitter.com/Naima_Simone

InstaGram - https://www.instagram.com/naimasimoneauthor/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/naimasimoneauthor

Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3232449.Naima_Simone

BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/authors/naima-simone

Entangled - https://entangledpublishing.com/author/naima-simone

Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Naima-Simone/e/B0048XT7YK/ref=dp_byline_cont...


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