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Giveaway & Review – Casino Girl by Leslie Wolfe @WolfeNovels @SDSXXTours


Ooo, anything Vegas catches my eye. I have visited the place many times and I love to read a book that takes place in familiar surroundings.

Cover:  Sam Roman

Casino Girl
Baxter and Holt #2
by Leslie Wolfe
Genre: Crime, Suspense Thriller
Laura has secrets, but not for the reasons you may think. It was too difficult to talk about. How long before she will need to share it with Holt, her partner? But…first, let’s deal with the dead body.
It was, literally, Crystal’s last performance on stage.
We have two mysteries going on and they will both be solved.
We also have two damaged characters that hesitate to share their baggage, but we all know they will, sooner or later. I love Holt, after I find out how far he will go to protect his partner. I wonder, will they hook up. I think they would be perfect together.
Laura’s husband had been killed interrupting a drug deal. The case was never closed, but she had stopped looking…until she found HIM. She crossed the line, but I couldn’t blame her. How far did she go? Shhhhh….I’m not telling.
Someone knows something and Laura is being blackmailed. She feels all she has is her job, and must find a way out of the mess she finds herself in. No one to turn to, she must solve the problem on her own.
So many suspects and Leslie Wolfe does not give it up easily. The mystery and suspense keep on giving and I eliminate the suspects one by one, until there is no doubt.
I love Laura. She is a deep character and I love it when a character is more than they appear to be. She has a strong sense of right and wrong, but justice needs a little help sometimes, don’t you think?
“Tell me in detail, how exactly you are planning to make me scream?”
I’ll let you figure that out for yourself, but it left a smile on my face.
Casino Girl is more that I thought it would be, two mysteries for the price of one. I love that it is a stand alone novel, though there is a lot more to the series and, after reading Casino Girl, I would love to know all the wonderful details of the other adventures. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, so we must visit to get the details. And the characters, I love when they surprise me and Leslie Wolfe threw in some good ones. Vigilante justice raises questions and tweaks my thought process, but hey, sometimes justice does need a little help. I think it’s great when a novel makes me debate life, and wonder, what if…
I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Casino Girl by Leslie Wolfe.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars


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