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Jul 21, 2020

Fanfrickingtastic ~ Review: Celeste by Kristine Mason

I am so happy to be able to share Celeste Files: Unlocked (Book 1 Psychic CORE): Psychic CORE the latest and greatest novel from Kristine Mason.

OMG, if you are looking for mind blowing paranormal/romantic/suspense, then pick up a copy of Celeste Files: Unlocked today. Kristine works very hard to give the reader a top of the line read and I believe you will not be disappointed.

I will also be sharing of glimpse of Book II, Celeste Files: Unjust by Kristine Mason. Another AMAZING cover! The cover is a bit different from her other ones, but when you read the novel it fits perfectly.

I hope you will check out her work and add this amazing author and her C.O.R.E group to your reading list.

Add me to Goodreads now.


I am always eager to get my hands on another Kristine Mason novel and have met Celeste before, in Shadow of Danger (Book 1 CORE Shadow Trilogy) (CORE shadow triology). These books stand alone, but I think once you read one, you will want to read them all, so might as well start at the beginning, with the C.O.R.E Shadow Trilogy, three books in one. Or start with Celeste, the first novel in Celeste's very own series.

Kristine Mason caught me off guard. Fanfrickingtastic from the very first page. She is very good at grabbing my attention and keeping it, from the opening page to the closing page. Her pacing and suspense is superb. She had me sitting on the edge of my seat, and with each new book her writing amazes all over again.

Celeste is a psychic, she has premonitions. The dead like to talk to her. Does this enable her to change the future or just get answers for something that has already happened? Her mother had been a psychic, but was in denial. Would Olivia, her daughter, be one too?

Her father is Ian, who founded C.O.R.E., a private investigative agency. She had used her abilities to help in investigations, but she hasn't had any visions in two years.She is married to John, who doesn't understand her psychic abilities but loves her completely. She has a fourteen month old baby and loves being a mom. She quit working for C.O.R.E. and opened a bakery, the Sugar Shack. (Great name, Kristine. Brings forth good memories and leaves a song reverberating through my mind.)

All the characters are of a type, each special and talented in their own way. I have come to think of them as my family. They have all the problems you and I have, plus some extras.

John wants one thing and Celeste wants another, so where is the compromise between two professionals raising a baby and wanting another. Who will care for the children while they are working? Communication is always the key. Sometimes our perceptions can be wrong.

Celeste's psychic gifts return. She does not know how they will reconcile John's dislike of her gift, so she keeps it a secret from him. What price will she pay when he finds out?

NOW, it has become imperative she discover all her abilities and learn to control them, not let them control her. Danger surrounds her. She needs help. I loved that Maxine, the woman who would be her mentor, has a unicorn room. I used to collect unicorns and have them scattered throughout my home. Kristine seems to hit all my buttons. :-)

Kelly, her friend's mom dies, but her vision showed her something, something that kept nagging at her, not letting her go. She couldn't quite grasp what had happened. Have you been trying to think of something and it hovers just out of your grasp? Have you found your mind going round and round, refusing to be shut off? Mine does all the time. :-|

Celeste goes into trances that are so deep, she is afraid she may not return from them. She died with Kelly, feeling what she felt, seeing what she saw. She is afraid the next time, she may walk with the dead into the light. Imagine John's terror at seeing her like that, unable to call her back.

Celeste listens to a tape John made while she was in a trance, trying to understand his fears. Now she understands, but that still doesn't change anything. He believes in facts, evidence and science and struggles to understand her psychic world. Some people need to feel, see and touch, no faith in acceptance and belief for what can't be explained. For Celeste to use her abilities to solve a murder was not a surprise for her, but was there more to it, more that she would not let her mind confront?

I love the sexual banter between Celeste and John. The love and romance is hot without being graphic. Kristine talks about the pitter patter of little baby feet and I hear it. She talks about babby babble and I want to speak it. The mommy/daddy/baby banter is so sweet, cute and loving, it puts a smile on my face. So much love from John as he grapples with her gifts. And secrets? Would you want your friends, and family to know all of yours?

"I'm always a bundle of nerves over what might happen to you when you're working a case. What gets me through is knowing you'll do whatever it takes to come back to me and Olivia. Trust that I would do the same."

Celeste makes me think of the Ghost Whisperer, a TV show with Jennifer Love-Hewitt. She talked to earthbound spirits and helped them cross over into the light.

I want to race through the pages and work very hard to slow myself down. I want to savor the delicious morsels before me.

Kristine, like many authors with their "babies", works very hard to produce the best product for her readers and I believe she does this in spades.

If you love romantic suspense novels, Kristine Mason's books are a MUST READ. They stand above many New York Times bestselling authors.

I received an ARC from the author and am ecstatic to share my honest review with you!

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 5 Stars+++++


Some secrets should remain locked in the past…

Celeste Kain hasn’t had a psychic vision in two years. After being brutally attacked while helping criminal investigation agency CORE stop a serial killer, her mind repressed her clairvoyant abilities. Married to CORE agent, John Kain, mother to their toddler, Olivia, and owner of an up-and-coming bakery, Celeste has been doing fine psychic-free. Only now the dead are using her body to tell their stories again…putting her new life and family at risk.Haunted by a murdered woman, Celeste turns to a psychic mentor to learn how to control her gift, protect her family and bring justice to the dead. But the more she digs into the dead woman’s past, the further she slips into the unknown, unlocking secrets literally worth killing for. As the body count rises, it becomes clear: someone in the dead woman’s family is deeply, violently wrong. And Celeste needs to be careful, before she loses something more precious to her than her life.Celeste Risinski, the heroine of Shadow of Danger (Book 1 CORE Shadow Trilogy), is back with her own series. Join her as she learns how to deal with being a wife, mom, baker and…psychic investigator.

Check out her latest, yet to be released CORE novel.


Cover links to Celeste Files: Unlocked, Book I of the series on Amazon

Add to Goodreads now.


Celeste Files: Unjust (Book 2 Psychic C.O.R.E.)—Kristine Mason

Dealing with the dead is murder…

Psychic Celeste Kain has two things on her mind, relaxing for a week in Florida with her husband, John, and making a baby. But a fishing trip turns her vacation into a nightmare when she reels in the body of a dead boat captain and accidentally unleashes an evil ghost who has one thing on his mind…revenge.

As the dead boat captain haunts Celeste, she looks deeper into his past and discovers that his murderer had done the world a favor. The ghost tormenting Celeste doesn’t see it that way and will go to any length to avenge his death. If Celeste won’t give him what he wants, he will take over her body and use her as a weapon…to kill her husband.

Celeste Risinski, the heroine of Shadow of Danger (Book 1 C.O.R.E. Shadow Trilogy), is back with her own series. Join her as she learns how to deal with being a wife, mom, baker and…psychic investigator.



I didn’t pick up my first romance novel until I was in my late twenties. Immediately hooked, I read a bazillion books before deciding to write one of my own. After the birth of my first son I needed something to keep my mind from turning to mush, and Sesame Street wasn’t cutting it. While that first book will never see the light of day, something good came from writing it. I realized my passion and found a career I love.

When I’m not writing contemporary romances and dark, romantic suspense novels (or reading them!) I’m chasing after my four kids and two neurotic dogs.

Website / Email: authorkristinemason@gmail.com / Facebook / Twitter


Shadow of Danger / Shadow of Perception / Shadow of Vengeance

Ultimate Kill / Ultimate Fear / Ultimate Prey (coming soon)

Perfectly Twisted (coming soon)

All covers link to Amazon

Perfectly twisted is the beginning of another series, CORE Above the Law, that takes the characters even further than I thought they would go. I am LOVING it!!!

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