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Can you ever have too much color in your life? Jude by Kristine Mason @KristineMason7

******NEW RELEASE******

Kristine Mason’s life must be filled with music and happiness, because she makes her characters shine and I fall in love with them, causing me to tap my feet to a lively beat. And we are back with Mechanics and Mayhem, Book II, Jude to keep the beat going.

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Poor Jude. Lusting after his friend’s girl, Paige. I loved Paige the first time I met her in Vlad, Book I of the Mechanics and Mayhem series. I love her pink hair, purple toe nails and happy demeanor. BUT, things are not always as they appear.

Jude has his share of baggage and he is an angry man. Unhappy. I love how he talks about her putting color in his black and white world. He thought he had blown his chance with her and there was no going back, though the ‘what if’ lingered in his mind.

Paige is a loyal friend, but the easy going girly girl can be a badass when she needs to be. I love how she describes herself, ‘an optimistic realist’, but sadness fills her life. I feel so bad for Paige. I first met her when I met Lucy, in Book I of Mechanics and Mayhem, Vlad. She has her own sad story. When Jude finds out, and he will, something will be done about it. The sexual tension between Paige and Jude, as they struggle to deal with their attraction, is driving them…and me…crazy. I just know they have to end up together.

Birdie is Paige’s grandma. She is a real hoot. Kristine Mason is fantastic at creating great characters filled with tons of personality.

Sully is a good time guy. Want some fun and laughs? Call Sully. Need comforting and sweet nothings…not for him. Are him and Paige really a couple?

Dean, Paige’s crazy ex, what a pathetic excuse for a man, husband and father.

Finally, their first kiss. Paige and Jude are at the garage…well… “This is like a bad sitcom.” Had me cracking up.

OMG. Blake is adorable. He is sweet, precocious and I immediately fell in love with the child.

‘He wondered if Paige realized he had a male mini-me.’

“Check it Paige.”

And then the shit hits the fan. I can’t believe Dean. Lives are at stake and I wonder who will be left standing. Kristine, you create some of the best villains.

Adults only please. We do have some sexy, sweet, hot, and steamy scenes.

I love the peripheral characters as much as the main ones, whether they are human or critter.. They all add their own bit of spice to the story. I can’t help but laugh and let my mind develop pictures as Vlad, Jude and Paige talk about Vlad and Lucy’s special needs critters and the latest addition, an arrogant peacock that is being shunned by the others. Love to SEE that.

Vlad and Lucy are planning their wedding and I can hardly wait to read about that!

I feel so close to the characters, sometimes it’s hard to believe they are fictional. I love to laugh with them, cry with them and find a happy ever after with them.

Whew…I feel wrung out, like I got rode hard and put up wet. Kristine Mason has the ability to wind me up, my emotions ratcheting up until I feel I can’t take any more. Then she throws in some laughs and lovin’ and I am ready to continue. Her stories are wild roller coaster rides that keep on giving until the last page is read. If you love romantic suspense, Kristine is a must read author!

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Jude (Mechanics and Mayhem) by Kristine Mason.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  5 Stars



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