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(Off Goodreads)

A BBW Weretiger Shifter Romance


Jenna Argo never imagined she'd see Alaska for the first time as a prisoner. A ruthless treasure hunter's plot to use the curvy half-blood tigress as bait means a tragic first contact with her own kind.

Good thing Erik Nordclaw is smarter than human evil. Wild, strong, and deeply protective, this Alpha tiger shifter protects everything he claims. As soon as he lays eyes on the voluptuous angel, he knows saving Jenna won't be enough. Erik won't be satisfied until she's settled in his village and his bed.

Under her handsome savior's watch, everything makes sense for the first time in Jenna's life. A man to love and a place to call home are finally in claw's reach.

Then a devastating prophecy changes everything. Jenna's bloodline is cursed, and its Erik's job to convince her otherwise, no matter how much a sinister scheme seems to confirm her dark fate.

Will determined Erik prove she's his fated mate, or will Jenna's prophecy doom him and all of Tiger Tree?

Note: This 38,000+ word BBW shifter romance contains love, war, and language that'll make a tiger growl. Dig your claws in. It's gonna be a wild ride!

My Review:

This shifter romance is a mesmerizing and intriguing weretiger read.  Jenna’s finally found a place to call home, a place of shifter like her and to her everlasting happiness she’s found a strong alpha mate.  Then a devastating prophecy starts come true putting all of the tigers in danger and threatening Jenna’s new found sense of belonging. 

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot keeps readers entertained with lots of suspense, action, drama, betrayal and romance.  The author brings the fascinating Tiger Tree to life with well written scenes and images which makes it easy for the reader to picture everything as if they are part of the story.  Anticipation builds throughout as danger comes from within the small tiger village and from outside humans and the strong compelling characters enchant the readers with their story as they each add their own special personalities to the story and inspire the reader’s curiosity to know more.

The chemistry between Jenna and Erik explodes off the pages and the frequent sex scenes blaze hot enough to burn the reader with red hot passion.  The relationship takes a little while to really blossom as Jenna’s been raised with humans and has never really fit in causing insecurities that the reader can easily relate to and capture’s the heart.

The author has created a fascinating world of tigers in a small village setting without the characters being lost in history, they are well aware of progress, while keeping to their traditions and living a full life.  The author adds spice with the internal challenges from another tiger that leads to a dangerous situation and really keeps readers on their toes.  I was totally enraptured with this book from beginning to end and I can’t wait to read more about the tiger shifters of Tiger Tree.


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About A T Mitchell:

(Off Goodreads)

A.T. Mitchell is a veteran writer with a strong affection for sensual mysteries, powerful heroes, and wicked dangers. This author's romance stories may tread a dark path, but they always end up in a sunny place filled with love. In December, 2013, Mitchell became a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author with "Hot Prairie Pursuit" in "The Alpha's Touch" romance collection.

Love deserves to be intense and wild. Mitchell's favorite themes include romantic suspense, potent shifters, hardened ranchers, and erotic romance. Whatever burns while pressing all the right buttons is fair game!

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