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The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire, Book 2 by A.K. Michaels


(Off Goodreads)

Peri has finally stopped running and found safety with Gabe and Josef ... her Wolf and her Vampire. Now she is getting strong, physically and magically, and she is ecstatic with her two mates. She is not about to let anyone take that away and she surprises even herself with her power. 

However, a psycho sect has been hunting her for over six years, and they are closing in. Her own father is the leader of this sect, but she is more than willing to do whatever she can to take him down. Destroy him for everything he is, everything he does, before he does to others what he did to her. 

With an ancient Vampire and a powerful Wolf by her side she just can't fail ... can she? 

Book 2 in The Witch, The Wolf and The Vampire Series by Ava K Michaels, another Hot Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy!

My Review:

The second book in this riveting urban fantasy is a heartfelt read about self-discovery, strength and courage.  Peri is finally accepting that she is safe with her vampire and wolf mates. Now she just has to learn to harness her full power and overcome her biggest fear and defeat her psycho father before he destroys everyone she cares for.

This steady to fast paced plot keeps readers tingling with anticipation as Peri starts to accept that she is truly safe with Gabe and Josef and learns just how powerful she is.  The author uses well written events and scenes to inspire vivid images and well orchestrated action scenes that are believable to capture the imagination.  The strong compelling characters are easily understood and draw the reader deeper into the story.

The romance between Peri and her two mates continues to grow stronger as the story progresses and the danger escalates and the sex scenes are hot and steamy including m/f/m scenes.  The reader can’t help but get emotionally caught up in the story, especially Peri’s with her naïve personality and her strength and courage to accept her new life and to confront the past.  Josef and Gabe both have such contradictory personas that the reader can’t help but be intrigued, they both are strong alpha males who come off cold and tough, especially Josef, but are so super sweet to their mate that the reader has to wonder if she’s worked some kind of spell.

The author spices the story up with some surprising twists and turns and lots of interesting supporting characters and elements.  I was completely engrossed in the story from beginning to end and I can’t wait to read the next one.  I highly recommend that the series by read in order as it is a continuing story.


Purchase Links:

Amazon: http://authl.it/B00JRH7R3A?d




Amazon Digital Services, April 16, 2014, 160 pages, available in ebook & print

The Witch, the Wolf and the Vampire series:

About A K Michaels:

(Off author’s site)

I have always loved words. Always had my head stuck in a book. Much to the chagrin of my long suffering husband. He would sometimes have to physically give me a poke if he wanted me to listen to him sometimes. I have always had stories in my head and started to write them (or type them) as a kind of therapy. I have OCD and my therapist would listen to all the weird and wonderful things in my head. One day she asked why I didn’t write them down. I was reluctant at first – my head is a scary place to be! However, once I started, it just didn’t stop and before I knew it I had quite a few books. My next obstacle was actually letting someone read them. This took me a while but eventually I let my daughter and sister have a peak. They loved them and urged me to do something with them. What? No – I was terrified of that.

Again I was more than a little reluctant but started to look into things. I trolled and trolled the internet getting as much info as I could. Found a lovely guy who does my covers. Took a huge deep breath and pressed publish. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done!

Where to find the author:






More books by A K Michaels:



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