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She’s A Truck Driver – Birth Marked by Maria Violante #MariaViolante

I got this book back on 10.1.13 and Maria Violante was looking for reviews. I’m not sure when I read it, but probably right around that time. I started writing the review on 2.19.14, but never finished it. No excuse…

Amazon / Goodreads

Charlie is a truck driver and looked like one. She was a mess – overweight, bad complexion, zombie looking. She was horny and looking forward to Luke joining her on the the road, but that never happened. She had given up everything for him, and he betrayed her. Used her, then threw her away. At first she felt pity, then anger, then desperation.

She’s driving along, trying to find a radio station, making up her own words to the song playing. “I woke up alone in a bed I don’t know.” “And eat my breakfast all alone….” It made me think of my hubby and I, laughing and making fun of country music lyrics in that same way.

She stopped for a dog in the median. She could relate to it being dumped and wanted to save it. It would be mine, she thought. She named him Diesel. He was helping her already. He calmed her. 

My heart pounded and I moved forward in my chair, when the truck began to wreck. Her description is so vivid it’s as if it is happening  before my eyes. She looks out the window at something – what is it? It’s very large and furry. What runs through my mind – werewolf, then Sasquatch – as it grew and bared its fangs. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when she got sick.

He was going to kill her…until he saw her birthmark.

I knew Maria’s book would need to take a twist…and it begins here.

Birth Marked reads like a Twilight zone episode. I was sorta ho hum until this point.

I loved her change of attitude. I’m feeling good about her. Her curiosity became my curiosity. What comes next?

Maria had me cracking up, “You can stare at my chubby ass stomach, assholes. You’re not getting any more looks at the jubbblies.”

A boy brought her breakfast – two pieces of plain toast and plain oatmeal. “That’s it?” “AH!!!!!!!!” “They said I a was a porker, heh?”

As the pieces come together, my interest grew. Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Even though her Master is Buckner, its his duty is to protect her, it was Shawn that saved her. I feel he will play a big part in finding the answers she seeks.

Haven’t you ever wondered why nothing turns out for you? What if you were supposed to be doing something else all along?

The monsters were unique and new to me and had comical names, but are not nice at all.

I know she’s gonna kick ass. I loved the sci-fi element, the monsters fighting in spacesuits and futuristic equipment. I find myself shivering in fear one minute, and chuckling the next.

She would learn fast or die. I felt a sense of adventure with her, stepping out of her rut of a life into mission impossible. Does the way you die determine your afterlife? This was her moment. I felt the weight on her shoulders, the heavy heart and determination to show them she belonged. She had found her place and would fight for it.

Her descriptions like ‘The little mouse that had the heart of a dragon’ brought the characters to life with a humorous touch. Describing the death of a beloved Marker was very creative.

There was a prophecy, there will be an unlikely Marker named the Lily. Is it her?

Maria Violante left me wanting more of this fantastic world.

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Birth Marked by Maria Violante.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars


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