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Review: Strategic Surrender (Urban Seductions #8) by Elizabeth Lapthorne


Kiera Patrick has one rule and one rule only—she keeps work and play separate. She doesn’t intend to follow her playboy wizard partner’s example and let her love life make a mess of her magical work life.

But when her mentor teams them with Hayden Foxworth, a wizard who is rumored to be involved with the darker side of magic, and tasks them with deciding the fate of an evil grimoire, her heart hurts for the damaged Mage.

When Hayden persuades the others that the only way forward it to destroy the tainted thing, they bring down the wrath of the Tribunal, the council of elders who lead wizardkind. Kiera must deal with the magical fallout of their decision while battling a burning attraction to Hayden that has them scorching the sheets even as they fight for their lives.

My Review:

Be careful what you wish for.  Kiera Patrick learns just how fast wishes can turn deadly in this thrilling romance.  The reader can’t help but get caught up in all the drama and excitement of being on the run and trying to determine just who is really after them and the introduction to new magical characters adds lots of intriguing spice to the story.  This short novella is enjoyable and entertaining but the since main conflict of the story continues in Josh’s story, and Hayden’s story began in Edge of Ecstasy, I must recommend that they be read in order and close together to get the full impact. And with that being said, I am off to read the next one.


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Ellora’s Cave, April 29, 2014, 155 pages, ebook


Urban Seductions series:

1. Retrieving Love

2. Retrieving Desire

3. Enforcer Seduced

4. Enforcer Ensnared

5. Seductive Tracks

6. Tracking Desire

7. Edge of Ecstasy

8. Strategic Surrender

 9. Strategic Lust

About Elizabeth Lapthorne:

Elizabeth Lapthorne is the eldest of four children. She grew up with lots of noise, fights and tale-telling. Her mother, a reporter and book reviewer, instilled in her a great appreciation of reading with the intrigues of a good plot.

Elizabeth studied Science at school, and whilst between jobs complained bitterly to a good friend about the lack of current literature to pass away the hours. While they both were looking up websites for new publishers, she stumbled onto Ellora’s Cave. Jumping head-first into this doubly new site (both the first e-book site she had ever visited, as well as her first taste of Romantica) they both devoured over half of EC’s titles in less than a month. While waiting for more titles to be printed (as well as that ever-elusive science job) Elizabeth started dabbling again in her writing.

Elizabeth has always loved to read, it will always be her favourite pass-time, (she is constantly buying new books and bookshelves to fill), but she also loves going to the beach, sitting in the sun, having coffee (or better yet, CHOCOLATE and coffee) with her friends and generally enjoying life. She is extremely curious, which is why she studied science, and often tells “interesting” stories, loving a good laugh. She is a self-confessed email junkie, loving to read what other people on the EC board think and have to say, she laughs often at their tales and ideas. She recently has developed a taste for the gym. She’s sure she read somewhere it was good for her, but she is reserving judgment to see how long it lasts. J

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