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Release Day Review: Secrets, Lies and Vegas (Beautiful Sinners #1) by Pamela L. Todd

What the book has to say:

All she wanted was one night. One night to feel something. She would never see him again. No one had to know.

During a girls’ weekend in Las Vegas, Marley Jacobs makes the risky decision to let go of the stress of her reality and enjoy life, even if it’s just for one night. Green-eyed and gorgeous Blake Hamilton opens her eyes to all the pleasures Vegas has to offer and allows her to experience something other than the desperate suffocation she has grown accustomed to. When she returns home to New York and the shackles which await her, she has to forget about Blake, and how he made her feel more alive in one night than she ever has in her entire life.

Marley never thought she would see Blake again, but a moment of kismet throws them back together. It doesn’t take Marley long to realize that the burning desire for Blake didn’t come from the dry heat of the desert. The passion Marley has for Blake is dizzying and without warning, intimacy creeps in.

Falling for Blake isn’t part of Marley’s plan. She knows exactly how her life is supposed to be and she cannot afford to be distracted by him or his green eyes. The only problem is, for someone she isn’t supposed to be with, he seems to fit perfectly within her heart.

What I have to say:

Marly had only wanted one night to feel something and figured that she would never see him again, but when her fiancé’s best man pays a visit Marly gets the surprise of her life in this mesmerizing contemporary romance.

Blake’s arrival in New York brings all of Marly’s carefully constructed walls crumbling and has her aching for so much more but she’s trapped and see’s no way out and the reader can’t help but get emotionally caught up in the story as Marly struggles with the guilt and turmoil over her relationship with Blake. There’s no denying the sizzling chemistry between these two strong compelling characters and the sex scenes are hot and steamy but the relationship is doomed as Marly is already engaged and completely torn about what to do.

The steady to fast paced plot keeps readers waiting in expectation with lots of suspense, turmoil and passion while the well written scenes and detail bring the story to life and the well orchestrated events ensure that the reader has to read every last page. Secrets and lies builds lots of tension throughout the story and lots of spice while some heartbreaking situations and turmoil adds lots of depth and quite a few tears (having a tissue close by).  

I have to be honest and to begin with I wasn’t so sure about Marly, I really wanted to strangle her (sign of good book when you really get drawn in by the characters) but once I began to understand her a little more I had to relent and well Blake made my heart pound so needless to say I was completely caught up in the story and cried like a baby at a couple of spots but the story was worth a few tears and murderous impulses.


Purchase Links:

TB: https://www.totallybound.com/secrets-lies--vegas

TB: https://www.totallybound.com/secrets-lies--vegas-print

A: http://www.amazon.com/Secrets-Lies-Vegas-Beautiful-Sinners/dp/17843...

BN: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/books/1121667494?ean=9781784304744

Totally Bound, April 3, 2015, super novel, ebook & print

Series Link:


No one is perfect.

Everyone lies.

Deception. Infidelity. Lust. Insecurity. Vanity.

They should feel guilty. They can’t regret.

Sinning has never been more beautiful.


Introducing Pamela L Todd:

Armed with scraps of paper and a lot of tape, I sat down to create my first work of fiction aged six. Since then I have been honing my skill and have moved on to computers and have found them a lot less sticky. A voracious reader, I devour as many books a year as I can get my hands on and what my bank balance will allow. When I’m not falling head first into other worlds I am creating my own.

My first published book, Escaping Normal, was published by Totally Bound, and I hope to produce many more for them. As well as erotic fiction, I also write Young Adult and hope to see my work in this genre in print soon.

I live in Scotland with my husband and young son. We also share our home with a schizophrenic cat, two greedy goldfish and most recently, a maniacal hamster.


Pamela can usually be found at:







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