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Release Day Review: His Secret Superheroine (St. Louis Superheroes #1) by Patricia Eimer


All kindergarten teacher Peyton Pearson wants is a nice, quiet life. Unfortunately, quiet isn't something she's had a lot of after tainted medicine turns her into a superhero. She's single, and saving the city from criminals—which is increasingly dangerous as the anti-superhero movement in St. Louis gains traction. Then there's her hot next door neighbor who makes her think super-dirty thoughts, and has no idea who she really is. 

Police officer Dylan Wilson is trying to make the world safe by working to unmask all superheroes. When his sexy neighbor, Peyton, is evicted, Dylan offers her his spare room, unknowingly opening his home—and his heart—to the city's most reluctant superhero.

Can love survive when the masks come off?

My Review:

After tainted medicine turns Peyton Pearson into a superhero her dreams of a quiet life were doomed the only bright side is she now lives next door to Dylan, a hot police offer…if she can convince him that superheroes are not the villains in disguise of the earth in this captivating fantasy romance.

This fast paced and smooth flowing plot ensnares readers with a fascinating spin to comic book superheroes and their sidekicks.  The well written scenes and details capture the imagination and the well orchestrated suspense and drama draws the reader deep into the story. The strong compelling characters grab the reader’s attention and bring the story to life ensuring the readers that anything is possible.

The attraction Peyton feels for Dylan radiates from every page and while Dylan feels the same for Peyton, she has to somehow convince that her being a superhero isn’t such a bad thing, but before she can gather the courage to do so all hell breaks loose and lots of drama and excitement ensue threatening their budding romance.  And Peyton breaks the reader’s heart with the pain of everything that has happened to her and to what happens in the story and all the woman wanted to do was protect everyone… especially Dylan and daughter.

Spine tingling tension and thrilling excitement keeps readers on their toes throughout the story and the intriguing elements adds spice to the story and surprising twists has danger escalating – excuse me, there are villains in the story so by danger this includes master plots and explosions – throughout the book and makes for some hairy situations. The author has taken superheroes and made a fascinating new world that is enjoyable and entertaining and full of intriguing characters and possibilities and I can’t wait to read the next one.


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Entangled Covet, August 25 2014, 200 pages, ebook



About Patricia Eimer:

I'm a small town girl who was blessed with a large tree in the backyard that was a perfect spot for reading on summer days. Mixed with too much imagination it made me a bratty child but fated me to become a storyteller. After a stint of “thinking practically” in my twenties I earned degrees in Business and Economics and worked for a software firm in southwestern Germany but my passion has always been a good book. I currently lives in Pittsburgh with my two wonderful kids and a husband that learned the gourmet art of frozen pizzas to give me more time to write. When I'm not writing I can be found fencing and arguing with my dogs about plot points. Most days the Beagle wins but the Dalmatian is in close second. I'm in a distant third.

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