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Patricia Rosemoor's Animal Instincts and Duet in Crimson

Animal Instincts


Luc Lazare doesn’t need more complications in his life.  And Skye Cross, the intriguing woman able to communicate with animals, is the last thing he wants.  Too bad his body disagrees. But he’s trying to save his shapeshifting family from being forced into the battle arena, and that means protecting the shifters responsible for stealing Skye's brother’s soul. Even as she demands his help, he’ll have to resist the pull of temptation. Skye’s most recent animal rescue assignment involves saving canines involved in primal battles.  Her investigation leads her to Luc, a man whose powers unsettle but intrigue her. Luc lures her into a dark encounter, and realizes that the animals engaging in these battles aren’t dogs at all, they’re wild predators. Skye finds herself caught in a dangerous world she never knew existed while relying on a man she couldn’t possibly trust. In a world where everything--and nothing--is as it seems, can Luc and Skye find a way to overcome the odds that are destined to keep them apart?

My Review

This paranormal shapeshifter book is an intriguing read with refreshing elements.

Trying to save his shapshifting family from being forced into the battle arena, Luc Lazare doesn’t need more complications in his life.  Able to communicate with animals, Skye Cross is looking for answers about her brother’s death and finds herself caught in a dangerous world and finding out that some animals are more than meets the eye has her relying on a man she couldn’t possibly trust.

This steady paced plot captures the imagination and keeps it to the very end with lots of suspense, romance, action and intriguing twists that keeps the readers on the their toes.  The author paints very vivid pictures that make it easy to picture each and every scene as it unfolds. The author maintains a good balance throughout the story between the action, suspense, and romance and several suspenseful elements happening at once.

The attraction between Luc and Skye is red hot and singes the pages with lots of passion.  The strong compelling characters are charismatic and engage the reader and make it easy to relate to them.  The author conveys the emotions with intensity and the reader becomes emotionally involved with the story, feeling hate and anger for the evil ones, sadness, happiness and lots of curiosity. The author also keeps the reader guessing about the hero with his mysterious air about him and Skye has lots to discover about her bewitching gifts as well as the dangerous world she finds herself involved in.

The author has created a very intriguing paranormal world of shifters with fresh and unique elements that makes this a very interesting and entertaining story.  I don’t know if the author plans on writing more books in this world, but if she does, it has a very promising future.  


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Duet in Crimson


(off Goodreads)

In Holiday in Crimson

Westbrook Department Store’s Christmas party wasn’t that wild--but Santa ended up dead and now window designer Shelby Corbin suddenly finds herself the prime suspect in his murder. While CEO Rand McNabb's romantic attentions both thrill her and frighten her—is Westbrook’s impossibly sexy co-owner really helping Shelby search for the truth about that fatal night? Shelby wonders if Rand has a deadlier motive for courting the only possible witness to the crime...

In Nightmare in Crimson

Last holiday, Pippa McNabb's faithless husband was found murdered in a Santa suit after a Christmas party. Another year, another Christmas party, and another dead Santa – this time, run down by eight tiny reindeer and a sleigh. And now Pippa is the prime suspect.

Sexy sleigh driver Sky Thornton seems intent on helping her, but is the man who knows too much about her really trying to clear her name, or is he trying to frame her for a murder he committed?

My Review

This is a wonderful duet of suspense and holiday romance to read all snuggled up.

Holiday in Crimson

Window Designer Shelby Corbin finds herself the prime suspect when Santa ends up dead at the Christmas party.  Thrilled and frightened by CEO Rand McNabb romantic attentions, Shelby can’t help but wonder if he has a deadlier motive for helping her search for the truth of what happened that night.

Nightmare in Crimson

Pippa McNabb’s husband was found murdered in a Santa Suit after a Christmas party last holiday and this year she’s the prime suspect when another Santa is run down by eight tiny reindeer and a sleigh.  Skye Thornton is the sexy sleigh driver who seems intent on helping her, but is he helping or framing her.

These steady to fast paced stories both have smooth flowing and intriguing plots that keep the reader guessing to the very end.  The author brings the stories to life with vivid images, believable conflicts and events, and wonderful compelling characters that the reader can easily relate to.

The reader can picture each scene as they happen in this holiday department store setting with a host of characters that gives the reader plenty of suspects to choose from as they try to solve the crime right along with the characters. There is never a dull moment as the hero and heroine of each story get themselves in some hair-raising situations.

The romance in each story is hot and steamy and each has some well written sex scenes that sizzle with lots of passion.  Each couple has great charismatic personalities that are believable and grab the reader’s attention ensuring they want to know more.

These gripping tales are great romantic suspense stories that are enjoyable and entertaining. Once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down until I finished both books.


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About Patricia Rosemoor:

(off the author’s site)

With 95 novels and more than seven million books in print, New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Patricia Rosemoor is fascinated with "dangerous love" – combining romance with danger. She has written various forms of romantic and paranormal romantic thrillers, even romantic horror, bringing a different mix of thrills and chills to her stories. 

Patricia has won a Golden Heart from Romance Writers of America and two Reviewers Choice and two Career Achievement Awards from RT BOOKreviews, and in her other life, she teaches Popular Fiction and Suspense-Thriller Writing, credit courses at Columbia College Chicago. Three of her Columbia grad students and two students from other venues are now published in novel-length fiction.

She is now writing romantic suspense for Ignite, an imprint of Entangled Publishing.

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