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New Release – Cracked Sapphire by Jane Blythe @jblytheauthor

Cracked Sapphire, Book I in the Broken Gem series, is Jane Blythe’s newest release, fresh off the press. She is an amazing author and never ceases to give me hours of reading enjoyment and book surprises. I can hardly wait for the next one.

Cracked Sapphire

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Every time I open a Jane Blythe book, I do so with high expectations and she did not let me down in her newest release, Cracked Sapphire. The book is filled with triggers that many people will want to avoid, but NOT ME! I want to walk the dark side. I want to be disgusted and outraged…and I am. WOW. Jane can sure deliver the shock factor!

I have more than a full page of notes and I know I can’t share all my thoughts, so what do I do, other than encourage you to walk the dark side with me and find out for yourself.

Amelia…I felt something was coming, but not that. Truly frightening when I believe it can be all too true. Jane Blythe has a wonderful ability to weave ‘it can really happen’ with her fiction.

Jane’s character descriptions make them easy to visualize, bringing them to life…or in some case, death.

Now, let’s talk about the series character’s names. They are all precious gems, like the characters themselves. They have been put through a horrendous experience with human traffickers, but they are determined to have a ‘normal’ life. How they were saved was the first of many book surprises.

“I like you,” he drawled. “I like the strong ones; they always have a better chance of surviving.” What the hell does that mean? I have a feeling a twist is coming.

Sapphire has made it her mission in life to catch as many criminals as possible. She devotes her life to it. The only friends she has is her sisters. She keeps tight control of her emotions, feeling she has to be strong for them. Her life is her sisters, catching the bad guy, and then…death. No marriage. No children. But, that’s okay, until…

She doesn’t always play well with others, and definitely has no respect for shrinks. She sees Dr Gideon Barlow as a necessary evil, when he is assigned to work the serial killer case with her. Dr Barlow does like a challenge and he knows Sapphire will be a big one, considering he is immediately attracted to her.

Jane never ceases to amaze me with the depth of depravity her villains will go to to satisfy their itch. It’s not surprising that this villain is not a people person. The suspense level rises as he slips through their fingers. They had him, but…well, I can’t tell you what happens. And that makes their case even harder to solve, because, now he knows, they are hot on his heels.

I loved watching Sapphire grown and change, quit taking the blame for everything that happens, letting the ‘normal’ be a possibility.

Romantic suspense has a push/pull, give/take wrapped up in miscommunication. But, Jane Blythe has written a unique take on the issue of keeping the suspense alive, the problems coming in an original way. I didn’t find myself saying, “well, I knew that was coming.” She didn’t prolong the agony by creating the romance conflict we are all so familiar with and I LOVE IT! Kudos for handling the romance in such an awesome way!

I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Cracked Sapphire by Jane Blythe.

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