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Is This The End? Natalie’s Dilemma by Susan Fleet #SusanFleet

I have been following Natalie since the beginning and love this fabulous character. She is all I could hope for in a kickass woman that takes no prisoners and struggles to survive the dangerous world she lives in.

Drat! I just discovered I missed Missing. I will be reading that soon and share it with you.

And Sniper was released in May of 2018. Gotta keep up with Frank Renzi in New Orleans.

Natalie's Dilemma

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Well, I don’t know what to say. The ending for Natalie’s Dilemma by Susan Fleet blew my mind. I don’t know how I feel. Does it make you curious? GOOD!

Natalie’s Dilemma is a series, but the way Susan Fleet writes the books could stand alone, though why you would want to miss any of Natalie’s story I don’t know.

I have been traveling the world with Natalie, dodging bullets and those that either want to kill her or arrest her. I love a character that tugs at my heartstrings, and Natalie does that in spades. Just because she killed some people, we both think they deserved it, doesn’t mean she’s a bad person. Does it?

Natalie has a life she enjoys in Venice, but for how long? We all know it’s not going to last. Bad things seem to follow her around.

We have two cases going on, one with gangs and one with mobsters. It’s hard to tell which is the worst, but Natalie is caught in the middle.

Natalie is forced to work with the mobsters to save a child’s life. All she thinks of is escaping their clutches. But…what would happen to the child if she left her behind.

I have always had empathy for Natalie and I wonder if Frank will ever quit looking for her. Why can’t he understand, she did what she did because she had to. Time and time again she is betrayed by those she puts her trust in. The only one who has stood firmly at her side is Pak Lam, her adopted father.

The characters…there are so many good and bad characters and each has their place in the story, adding depth, detail and much danger.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Natalie’s Dilemma by Susan Fleet.

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