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Chaos in the Suburbs – Dead in the Water by Britney King @britneyking_

I read the first book, Water Under The Bridge by Britney King, in this awesome romantic suspense series and fell in love with these characters.

If you want to be enthralled for hours, unable to quite reading, Jude and Kate can do that for you!

Amazon  /  Goodreads

Title: Dead in the Water
Series: Water Trilogy #2
Author: Britney King
Release Date: Jan 17, 2017


Dead in the Water by Britney King is Book II of the series and seeing I was blown away by Water Under The Bridge, Book I, I was very excited to get my hands on this one. I love romantic suspense. Throw in some psychotic assassins trying to be ‘normal’ and I cannot resist. Britney did not let my down. In fact, she kept the surprises coming and I couldn’t stop reading.

Faking normality in suburbia.

Two assassins do their best to blend in with the ‘normal’ people.

“If we don’t play the game, we’re Dead in the Water. All animals have the ability to sniff out that which is not like them, and these people…they’re dying to find the rat.”

Jude keeps his secrets close to the vest, trying to fit in.

Kate has always been the one in control…

Twisted, psychotic and to know they…

It’s hard to share anything because I don’t want to do anything to spoil the story. I love the damaged, psychotic characters, Jude and Kate. They are two assassins but they murder in different ways and for different reasons. Which is worse? All the details makes it even creepier and disturbing, but I start to feel empathy for Jude and even Kate…at times.

I struggle to find words that describe my thoughts and feelings for this outrageous take on two psychopathic serial killers. Their perverted sense of normal makes me think they might just fit in. LOL

I keep wondering who will kill who. Will they get caught?

Monique was a situation I didn’t foresee and what a fabulous twist. I didn’t think about it much before hand, but what a wonderful surprise and it takes a master storyteller to keep the suspense at a high level throughout.

The continuous surprises from these incredibly complex characters make Dead in the Water impossible to put down.

I like the illustrations at the chapter breaks.

I have never read anything quite like this series and can hardly wait to read more!


Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos 5 Stars

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