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Book Tour & Giveaway with Author Interview! Holiday of the Heart by Angel Wolfe!


Holiday of the Heart
by Angel Wolfe
Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author Morgan Paige has had more than her share of ups and downs; but can a long-term affair turn into something more, or will the flame smolder only to be fanned by a new love?

After a horrendous Valentine's Day nightmare, and a hot and steamy reunion, Morgan and Ricky part ways only to have Ricky show up several months later asking her to wait for him. The problem is, Morgan has already been waiting for years. How much is too much? Will their romance survive yet another separation or will someone new fill the aching hole in her heart?


Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/39083508-holiday-of-the-heart

BookBub - https://www.bookbub.com/books/holiday-of-the-heart-by-angel-wolfe

Riffle - https://www.rifflebooks.com/books/1029564


AVAILABLE in print or ebook

Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0797ZCKNX

iBooks - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/holiday-of-the-heart/id1427677112

B&N - https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/holiday-of-the-heart-angel-wolfe/1...

Kobo - https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/holiday-of-the-heart

Books2Read - http://www.books2read.com/u/mBP80M


What is something unique/quirky about you?

I have a rare auto-immune disease that I will have to take chemo for for the rest of my life. My brain feels like swiss cheese most of the time and writing can sometimes be difficult when I forget where I was. Wegener’s is tough to deal with on the best of days and absolutely horrible on the worst. But, I try to live one day at a time and get lost in the stories I write.

What do you do to unwind and relax?

Crazy enough, I write. Writing is very relaxing for me. Whether it’s working on something already in progress or writing erotic short stories, its fun and an outlet. If I get really stressed at work, I can sit and write for 10-15 minutes and that really helps me clear my brain.

When I am not writing, I LOVE dirt track racing. We live about two minutes from one track but the one we consider our home track is about an hour and a half from the house. We make a weekend of it on race weekends. We drive up, camp at the track and watch the races. It’s great!!! Plus, during the day, I get to nap and write.

Describe yourself in 5 words or less!

Tenacious, Opinionated, Stubborn, Intelligent, Loyal

When did you first consider yourself a writer?

Well, I first started writing in Jr. High. I would write stories in notebooks. Then, in high school, I started a novel (which I never finished.) About fifteen years ago, I decided to start writing again. I started Damaged Hearts. Then after several months, I got mad because it wasn’t going where I wanted it to go, so I put it away and started Moonlight Immortals.

I have at last count, fourteen started novels and novellas. I didn’t really think of myself as a serious writer though I guess until I finished this one, my second novel, Holiday of the Heart. I still have a hard time believing it. I haven’t sold many copies though, so I guess I’ll be a real writer after I’ve sold 100 copies of any of my books. Lol

Which of your novels can you imagine made into a movie?

Actually, any of them. I am a huge fan of westerns and would absolutely love to see Damaged Hearts made into a movie or the series made into a TV series. Granted it would have to be on HBO, or Starz or one of those though because of the hot steamy scenes.

Holiday of the Heart could be a made for TV movie. Like Damaged Hearts, it has many hot steamy scenes as well as having a love triangle to figure out. And my holiday novella, Christmas in Clementine I feel would make a great Hallmark movie. It’s sweet and cozy with a little steamy too.

As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot/avatar/spirit animal?

Actually, it’s a wolf. That’s why I chose “Wolfe” as part of my persona. It’s kind of crazy, no one knows my real name. I have been Angel Wolfe as long as I’ve had an email address and very few people put Angie Hall together with Angel Wolfe. It drives my son crazy.

What inspired you to write this book?

Silverton Colorado is only about an hour and a half from my house. I have always loved going up there since I was a kid. It’s like stepping back in time, and history has always been my favorite subject. When I was in Wisconsin for a funeral, a friend of mine showed me a cute little cabin by a lake. I loved it there, it was beautiful, but I could picture it snowing a foot at a time and how isolated and desolate it could be. My grandpa had once told me that timber wolves are plentiful in that area so it all kinda gave me an idea for a story.

What can we expect from you in the future?

I hope to continue writing and eventually spend more time doing it. Having a full-time job makes writing difficult at best and during busy times, make it nonexistent. I would like to eventually write full time. Possibly once I retire, then I dedicate a majority of my time to writing.


3x print copies of Damaged Hearts by Angel Wolfe

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive excerpts, guest posts and a giveaway!



Angel Wolfe was born in Muscatine, Iowa and learned to read by the age of three. When she was five, she moved with her family to northwest New Mexico where by the time she reached the age of eleven, she began reading romance novels pilfered from her mother.

In high school, Angel often sat with the textbook open and a romance novel sitting inside it. After high school, she began writing stories in notebooks because she didn't own a typewriter.

Later, Angel neared completion of her first novel, Damaged Hearts but she couldn't bring herself to end it (until recently!) Since that time, she has written four short stories, a contemporary holiday novella, a historical romance novel, a contemporary novel ,and is nearing completion on a paranormal romance novel.

When she's not writing or curled up with a book or watching college football, Angel loves to go to local dirt tracks and watch racing. One of her greatest dreams is to find herself listed on the New York Times bestsellers list.

Angel still lives in New Mexico with her husband, her son, and her dog, a little Muppet with teeth, otherwise known as Rusty.

Website - http://www.angelwolfenovels.com/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AngelWolfe13

Twitter - https://twitter.com/AngelWolfeNovel

Amazon - https://www.amazon.com/Angel-Wolfe/e/B0181AV40U

Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/12128008.Angel_Wolfe




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