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A K Michaels' The Witch, the Wolf and the Vampire Book 1


(Off Goodreads)

Urban Fantasy: Peri has been running since she was fifteen - using her magic to stay safe. 'They' can track her magic tho, so she has to use it sparingly. In Vegas, for a cash in hand job, and things turn nasty! She knows the amount of magic she would have to use to escape unscathed would bring 'them' right to her. Before she can use the vast magic required two males appear and aid her. One a wolf, one an ancient vampire. Josef, the vampire, and Gabe, the wolf, are more than a little interested in this skinny girl. What ensues shocks both of the strong males - this girl is more than a stray, more than a witch - it looks like she is a mate - for both of them!? Will Peri stay? Will they keep her safe? Who, if any, of the two will she choose? Just how much power does this stripling of a girl have locked inside her? Adult content in this book!

My Review:

The first in a new urban fantasy erotic romance series is an intriguing and entertaining read.

Peri is a witch who has been on the run since she was fifteen and she takes bounty hunting jobs that pays cash to get by. On a job in Vegas, things get nasty and suddenly two males appear and aid her, a wolf named Gabe and an ancient vampire named Josef.  Gabe and Josef are both attracted to this skinny girl and what ensues shocks them both, not only is she a witch, possible a very powerful one, she’s also their mate.

This steady to fast paced plot keeps the reader well entertained with suspense, romance and some action.  The author brings the story to life with vivid descriptions and details that make the reader feel as if they are part of the story. The bewitching characters are strong and intriguing, easily related to and wanting to know more.

The attraction between Peri and the two sexy males radiates from every page and the sex scenes are hot and steamy. The author conveys the emotions and personalities intensely, which makes the reader not only connect with them but empathize and get totally caught up in their story. I had tears in my eyes at a couple of points and smiles with some of the antics and dialogue of the characters.

The world created by the author is intriguing and the characters each have their own unique personalities. Peri is such a naïve young woman that I expected to be disappointed at first, but I was very surprised to find that I not only liked her character, but she was refreshing, charming and added extra depth to the story.  Gabe and Josef make for an odd friendship with their so different personalities, but this works for them and makes for interesting reading. The only concern I had was the beginning seemed a little choppy, but soon smoothed out, so it was easily forgotten as the story unfolds and I can’t wait to read more of Peri’s story.


Purchase Links:



http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-witch-the-wolf-and-the-vampire-... (print)

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-witch-the-wolf-and-the-vampire-... (ebook)


About A K Michaels:

(Off author’s site)

I have always loved words. Always had my head stuck in a book. Much to the chagrin of my long suffering husband. He would sometimes have to physically give me a poke if he wanted me to listen to him sometimes. I have always had stories in my head and started to write them (or type them) as a kind of therapy. I have OCD and my therapist would listen to all the weird and wonderful things in my head. One day she asked why I didn’t write them down. I was reluctant at first – my head is a scary place to be! However, once I started, it just didn’t stop and before I knew it I had quite a few books. My next obstacle was actually letting someone read them. This took me a while but eventually I let my daughter and sister have a peak. They loved them and urged me to do something with them. What? No – I was terrified of that.

Again I was more than a little reluctant but started to look into things. I trolled and trolled the internet getting as much info as I could. Found a lovely guy who does my covers. Took a huge deep breath and pressed publish. It was one of the scariest things I’ve ever done!

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