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1. Tell us about your latest book.

Imagine yourself in a magical carnival. One that is both carnival and circus combined. This is the backdrop for The Age of the Hybrid Series. Our main characters, the dragon Kyra and the mysterious Sebastian, are supernatural runaways who have found themselves using their unique talents in various sideshow jobs at Mystic’s Carnival. Their feelings for one another are just beginning to bloom beyond friendship when Kyra gets tangled in dragon burdens, pulled by inexplicable forces and Marcus, the man she saves. Over the course of The Moorigad Dragon and Reap Not the Dragon, Kyra and Sebastian must protect Marcus and save Kyra. When things don’t go as planned, Sebastian must extricate himself from his father’s control, salvage his friendship with Kyra, save her, and somehow best the beast attempting to control her.

2. Where did the idea for the book come from?

Mystic’s Carnival is a collective. A shared world where multiple authors write their stories. When the idea was first pitched to me I wasn’t sure I had anything for it. I was in the middle of another, large project. But, I didn’t dismiss it. I have an extremely active muse and I let her go to work on it. Water therapy has often come through well for me. After a shower I knew who the main character of my first story was going to be. Everything unfolded from there. The carnival is great story fodder and I have several ideas percolating.

3. Who and what inspire you to write?

My sister was the one who inspired me to write. Believe it or not, the inspiration came after her death and spilled onto the page in the form of my YA fantasy due out in the next month or so. My pseudonym is a combination of my name and her name together.

4. Each author has his or her own inspiring journey. How did you begin writing?

You’ve probably heard similar stories before. The characters started chatting and wouldn’t shut up until I wrote their story. That was before my son was born, back in 1999-2000, something like that. I had no idea if I could write or if it was something I wanted to do. I enrolled in a correspondence writing course and got great feedback. It was promising. Then the kids came along and everything came to a screeching halt...for about seven or eight years. When my youngest was old enough to allow me a few hours of extra time, the characters started right back up. Chatter, chatter, chatter. I sat through a local writer’s workshop, found twitter, ended up in a bloggers class, became a member of RWA, yada yada yada, many years later I ended up here. A much better writer and storyteller than when I began. I owe it all to Dohlan and Crystia, two of the most insistent voices I’ve ever written. They both inspirited my YA fantasy and got those words flowing.

5. What has been the most pleasant surprise about writing? How about an unexpected down side?

The biggest surprise: I’m actually pretty good at it. LOL. And can’t get enough writing time. When I was young, I never envisioned myself as a writer. The downside: my house looks like a hazmat zone from neglect and my refrigerator is almost always in need of stocking.

6. Do you have any writing rituals?

Sit butt in chair, turn on computer, open doc, start writing. But seriously, some mornings I need a little more motivation (like when the Equestria /girls―My Little Pony―are blasting through the house). On days such as those, I will start with a hot mug of tea and a quiet moment of reflection in the solitude of my office (big oversized, comfy chair) before beginning.

7. Do you write your books in order?

Yes and no. I generally write my actual books in order. Although I may drop back and write a prequel later (as I have planned for my YA series). What I suspect you mean here is the book itself. I have been known to skip a chapter or scene if it’s giving me trouble. I don’t like to force an act. It rarely reads as well as if it flowed organically. I find that if I skip something it will eventually fill itself in and I can easily go back and get all the pieces in line.

8. What is on your writing playlist for this book?

Love playlists! Although, I found I was a bit sparse on these particular books. This time the words were flowing without the music. That being said, Kyra and Sebastian have a few tunes to share:

Speed the Collapse by Metric
Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling, featuring Lzzy Hale
The Day the World Went Away (Still) by Nine Inch Nails
Dragula by Rob Zombie
Your Disease by Saliva
Badass by Saliva
Die By the Drop by The Dead Weather

9. Any favorite writing snacks?

Favorite? Or the ones I actually eat? Ha! I love everything that’s bad for me. For that reason I don’t keep it in the house. I snack on healthy stuff―apple slices, carrots, cucumbers…Are you yawning yet?

10. What advice would you give writers who aspire to be published?

Write. Every day, write. Learn your craft, network, and set up a platform. Today’s publishing world is far different than it was five, even two years ago. There are so many more options open to you. Make sure you approach the venture as a business and don’t rush. Get critique partners, beta readers, and don’t forgo the editors. Content, line, and copy. They will make all the difference in the end.

11. Are you working on anything new right now?

I’m so happy you asked that. Yes I am! At this very moment I have a YA fantasy (Becoming: The Balance Bringer) prepping for launch. I can’t wait to share this particular project and I’m super excited about it. It should be hitting the shelves near the end of March, beginning of April.

12. Who is your favorite character in your current book?

Sebastian, hands down. Adore his dark and rebellious nature. There’s something about a guy shrouded in mystery, am I right? His voice comes through strong and snarky. He’s a blast to write.

13. What is your favorite book of all time?

It’s impossible to pick only one. It’s like asking a mother which of her kids is her favorite. I’m finding new books all the time that I love. I don’t remember my family pushing me to read when I was little. Outside of Judy Blume and Nancy Drew, I didn’t discovered the joy of reading until later in life, latching on to paperbacks by Dean Koontz and Steven King. Seriously love for The Stand and the first few books of Odd Thomas. I went on to devour works by Karen Moning, Anne Bishop, and Maria V. Snyder (to mention a few of my favorites). After Harry Potter (Love) , I discovered Y.A. and now I’m anxiously awaiting a lull in my schedule so I can finish Michelle Hodkin’s series without interruption.

14. Tell us in one sentence why we should read your book.

My books are for the reader who wants to escape reality, be thrown into rich-character worlds with exciting, page-turner storylines, unexpected, fast paced twisted and turns, while being teased with dark humor.

About the author:

Debra Kristi found it rather dull always staying tethered to reality. She decided to let whimsy get the best of her, and with the help of her muse she began bringing magical stories to life in 2010. It’s been nothing but write, write, write and type, type, type ever since. Born and raised a Southern California girl, she still resides in the sunny state with her husband, two kids, and three schizophrenic cats. A lover of fanciful stories at a young age, she hadn’t realized the writer bug infected her until much later in life. As a result, her stories pull from a rich history of experiences.
When not busy drumming away at the keyboard or chatting it up on social media, Debra is hanging out creating priceless memories with her family, geeking out to science fiction or fantasy television, and tossing around movie quotes.

Read more about the author and follow the tour: http://www.promotionalbooktours.com/2015/02/the-moorigad-dragon-and...

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