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Tell us about your latest book. - To Love A Wolf is my first experience writing on

the more erotica side. It tells the story of Cevin and Sam, high school sweethearts

both in getting ready to graduate in the medical field, marry and live their lives.

When Cevin starts dreaming of a beautiful woman, their worlds get turned inside

out as he tries to differentiate dream from reality. The problem is that dreams do

become reality and he has to learn quickly before the full moon what his destiny

is and how to move forward.

 Where did the idea for the book come from? - A dream. Most of my books come

to me like a movie in a dream. Very vivid and the characters already developed.

I know how they will act and the basis of the story by the time I wake up. All I

have to do is sit and write it. :)

 Who and what inspire you to write? - I love Tina Folsom and Nora Roberts. They

are both phenomenal writers and I just love both their writing styles. Every time I

read one of their books I get inspired to finish my own.

 Each author has his or her own inspiring journey. How did you begin writing? -

I was sitting in a nursing lecture and fell into a daydream where a character was

literally screaming in my head to tell her story. I let it stew for a few days and

again, it came in a dream. This story just had to be told. She wouldn't leave me

alone until I finally sat down and started to type. I worked midnights, so it was

difficult getting sleep when Janie was so demanding, lol. When I started writing

though, 5 chapters spit out like it was nothing. Near Suicide was born, though

later I had to revise it and it is now Death Upon Me.

What has been the most pleasant surprise about writing? How about an

unexpected down side? - The most pleasant side is that people actually like my

writing. I think all writers have just a smidgen of doubt when they release a book,

and are pleasantly surprised, more like happy dancing, when they get a good

review. Downside – it's hard, consistent work.

 Do you have any writing rituals? - Coffee!

 Do you write your books in order? - I try. Though I have written scenes on a

different draft and added them later. I am a bit anal though and have to have

things in order and just so.

 What is on your writing playlist for this book? - Call Me by Shinedown, Save

Me by Remy Zero, Rumor by Adele, Set Fire To The Rain by Gas Station Disco,

Simple Man by Lynard Skynard. I like a mix lol.

 Any favorite writing snacks? - Chocolate and my electronic cigarette.

 What advice would you give writers who aspire to be published? - Do your

research first, and plan on a lot of hard work. It's never-ending, but worth it!

 Are you working on anything new right now? - Yes. I am finishing up Wolves of

Shadow Falls book 2 – Wolf Be Mine:A Wolves Habitat which is set to release by

September 1 if all goes well. I'm also putting Night Secrets into paperback, which

is kind of exciting too.

 Who is your favorite character in your current book? - Sam for sure. She's strong

and ready to kick butt. She's very understanding of Cevin's whole situation and

doesn't care if she has to fight a pack of wolves to keep her man. I like her so

much that she got her own book – Book Two.

 What is your favorite book of all time? - Samson's Lovely Mortal by Tina

Folsom. I so would love a Samson to rescue me. Hmmm. Actually, I did get my

Samson! :)

Tell us in one sentence why we should read your book. - You'll get an awesome

plot, strong, spicy characters and the supernatural aspects we love all in one

quick, original read.

Purchase on Amazon

About B.K. Walker 

When dreams and reality meet…someone always gets burned! Jack of all trades, master of none, so she believes.

BK Walker is first and foremost a mother and a wife. With three beautiful children and a wonderful husband, she enjoys her days living on their farm in Eastern Pennsylvania.

When she’s not writing, she manages her time organizing virtual book tours for other authors, and coaching authors through her mentor programs at BookIt BK. Putting most of her time into research, BK is always seeking for the most effective ways to market and promote books and business alike.

Art is a secondary love, and you may often find her sketches popping up on one of her blogs, or simply catch her reading the magic created in the pages of a great novel. Who knows, it just may be yours. http://www.bkwalkerbooks.com

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